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Mark Koehnke
61 Turnstone Dr
Attleboro, MA 02703
Heating & A/C
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May 07, 2012
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After 20 years of installing and removing (and dropping one out a window once) 4 window Air Conditioning units each season, we took the plunge in 2012 to have central air installed. We spoke with several firms, but went with MJ Briggs, not because they were the lowest price (they were in the middle), but because they gave us the best and most thorough explanation of the equipment, the options available and the actual installation process and how ducting would be installed. We had a Trane xL16i unit installed for the main house and a smaller Mitsubishi "Mr. Slim" split unit installed in our family room addition.

Michael Briggs gave us several options on the various units available, explained the pros and cons of each option (both technical and cost), but gave us all the information we needed to make an informed decision. There was no "hard sell" involved! This "estimate" part of a process, was a pleasure, and having the owner of the company personally involved in the process made us that much more confident in the process and the end result.

As an engineer by trade, I'm a stickler for details...and technical details. (It drives my wife crazy!)...but I was impressed with Michael's detailed knowledge of the equipment and for all of my "detailed" questions, he had excellent and appropriately detailed answers. I was quite impressed!

DO - ask detailed questions

DO - get a clear agreement on where ducts and vents will be located so there are no surprises. Especially the larger air return vent.

DO - get options!

DO - come to agreement on where the external wiring / coolant lines will run (from unit to attic) so there are no surprises.

DO - discuss optimum location of equipment and ducts in attic so, if your attic is like ours, you still have usable storage space. (The air handler in the attic is big!)

MJ Briggs satisfied all of these and more!

Member Comments:
The worst part of the job was our job - cleaning out our attic of 20 years' worth of "stuff"!! The job was scheduled to take 2 days. I was a bit skeptical since no other projects we've had done ever went perfectly per schedule...BUT...they were in and out - complete - in 2 days! As scheduled, as promised. No surprises. (Just FYI - our home is 2 stories - 3 BR , about 1800 sq-ft; the family room addition is about 320 sq-ft off the back of the house).

What was most impressive was their use of heavy "sticky" plastic to cover all floors, stairs and room areas where they would be walking and working. VERY, VERY Neat! Considering all the up and down into the attic, all the holes they had to cut into ceilings for vents ...there was NO... (I repeat NO) dust anywhere when they were done! I was also especially amazed and impressed with their attention to detail and the pride they took in their installation. Going back to that engineer comment earlier (!)...I get crazy with sloppy work...so I was especially pleased and impressed that everything was installed so neatly, wiring tied neatly, runs for tubing and drains were neat, tight and everything was so installed so straight, square and plumb! Duct work seams were taped and caulked...everything was so neatly done. Not only does that make everything look nice cosmetically, it lets you know the workers take pride and care in their work. Great workmanship, work ethic and professionalism. A rare combination these days.

For anyone reading this who has a two story house that does NOT have existing ductwork installing in the walls, installing Central Air "after the fact" requires that duct work be run from the attic, down through the second floor and through a vent that comes out in the first floor ceiling. This means ductwork will have to pass through second floor closets or rooms. I our case, three runs were tucked neatly into the corners of second floor closets. Yes, you lose a little closet space, but once you hang your clothes back up...it's not noticeable. Our family room addition off the back of the house, presented a challenge in that the duct work could not be dropped straight down and through the ceiling as with the main house. Michael Briggs had a devised a solution that would have worked (to get a run from the attic to our "bump out" family room and would have been a lower cost, but at the last minute we "called an audible" and opted to have a separate split unit installed in our family room. He was able to take our last minute change in stride, get the equipment needed and installed (Mitsubishi Mr. Slim) and still be complete in 2 days. Although this was a bit more money, we spend most of our time in this family room, so having a separate unit and the ability to control the temperature independent of the main house turned out to be a great decision. We also opted for the air purifier system for the main unit...which helps during pollen season!

The Mitsubishi Mr Slim is ultra-quiet as is the main Trane unit. Our electric bills have dropped significantly in the summer ...and for the first time in 20 years, our house is evenly and quietly cool and comfortable. Sleeping is so nice too...with no more buzzing and rattling air conditioner in the bedroom window....AND, last but not least, I no longer have to schlep carrying A/C units up from the basement every year! My only regret, was not having this done by Briggs years ago!!

I hope this helps whomever reads this to make a decision - but I can't tell you enough how pleased we were with the responsiveness, professionalism, neatness, value and quality of work performed by MJ Briggs.

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